Inserm in the Grand Ouest region

The Regional Delegation (RD) of Grand Ouest was created in Nantes on 1 st January 2007. It covers the regions of Bretagne, Centre and Pays de la Loire. Beyond its role accompanying research laboratories, particularly in terms of human resources management, finance and logistics management, coordination and partnerships, the DR has a general information mission towards the central administration.
The head of the Grand Ouest Regional Delegation, Mr Frédéric Delaleu, represents the chief executive of Inserm and the institute in his district. He is assisted in this role by 30 people.
The Grand Ouest RD responds to the needs of around 2000 people, of which more than 500 are paid by Inserm, involved in the research activities of 31 research structures including 25 laboratories, 2 research centres, 4 Avenir teams, 2 SFRs (Federal Research Structures) and 4 CICs (Clinical Research Institutes.)
It manages a budget of 20 million Euros 65% of which is in private resources.
Important partners of the Regional Delegation are universities, grandes écoles (elite graduate schools), university hospital centres, other research bodies, local authorities, foundations, patient associations and industries.
In the Grand Ouest region there are multiple themes of research. Teams are working on numerous pathologies:

Cancers, liver disease, the kidneys, bones, reproduction problems, neurological problems, cardiovascular disease, AIDS and hepatitis, with a strong commitment to certain therapeutic approaches such as transplants, cell therapy and gene therapy, techniques involving the development of research in physiopathology (vascular, cardiac, renal, hepatic, intestinal, mitochondrial), immunology, molecular and epidemiological genetics, gene transfer engineering, biomaterials, modelling, medical imaging (molecular, ultrasounds, radiopharmaceuticals, 3D...), treatment of medical data.

For all enquiries, contact Pierre Da Silva, head of communication. 02 40 20 92 43 or

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